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About IBA   
“The purposes for which this nonprofit organization is formed are: To promote the economic and social welfare of the Irvington District of the City of Fremont, California, by fostering its industrial and commercial development, by improvements of its public facilities, by sponsoring of social advantages and improvement of general living conditions, together with all actions and activities appropriate thereto.”
IBA Articles of Incorporation

Who is the Irvington Business Association

The Irvington Business Association simply exists to foster growth and development in the Irvington District. By focusing our efforts in our own backyards, we hope that surrounding neighborhoods, communities, districts, and the City at large will benefit from our actions.

We are a nonprofit, nonpolitical, community based business organization dedicated to local issues. It is our purpose to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion of local current issues. This is accomplished through our monthly General Membership meetings held on the fourth Tuesday of every month and open to whomever wishes to attend;
  • Sponsor community activities to promote the Irvington District. A neighborhood and community is enriched by social gatherings engineered to foster familiarity and a sense of security through that familiarity. We actively promote the Irvington Farmers Market held every Sunday on Bay Street and our annual “Miracle on Bay Street” tree lighting ceremony. Future activities are planned;
  • Increase Irvington District’s community identity. Each of the original townships is unique with each having its own identity and history. By developing an identity for each of the districts, the City as an accumulation of its parts and diversity is more enriched;
  • Actively engage in local governmental planning activities. Although we are nonpartisan, nonpolitical entity, we strive to make available knowledge to help individuals come to conclusions on their own. We have allowed local politicians access to our membership and have promoted the sharing of knowledge and the agendas of City issues. Especially those that pertain to Irvington, namely the recent Redevelopment activities.
  • Improve the physical environment and social fabric of the Irvington District. Most visibly replacing the Irvington Monument in Irvington after being in cold storage behind the Centerville Fire Station.

Who we Serve

We serve the district and businesses of Irvington and the community in which it serves. The Irvington Business Association serves the community by serving its businesses and fostering business growth in the district. By helping local businesses flourish the community benefits in many ways, both overtly and covertly. A viable business district sustains the members of its community by providing jobs, product, entertainment, and communicative opportunities. This also leads to the support of local activities, arts, etc.

In a prior year on December 8, 2007, the Irvington Business Association hosted its largest and most ambitious holiday tree lighting event ever, “Miracle on Bay Street”. The event was highlighted by a 1200 square foot synthetic ice rink, Various festivities, including a visit from Santa , a concert by the Alien Cowboys (The lead in the band is Bruce Stevenson of the family Stevenson Blvd. is named after), and crafts and games for the children. This event was attended by thankful families from all over Irvington and beyond and further fostered the feeling of a strong community.

Monies received into our organization go to assist projects like assisting the Irvington Presbyterian Church with repaving their parking lot, donating to the Tri-City Free Breakfast Program, and providing scholarship grants to Irvington High School students taking their first steps out of high school. We also schedule new business open houses and local mixers.